Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Podcast improvements in iPod touch 3.0 software

At last - AT LAST!

Not quite the virtual clickwheel I had asked for, but Apple's latest $oftware update for the iPoD touch now let you scroll through lengthy podcasts with much more detailed control.

Called "scrubbing" you can now adjust the speed the of your FF and REW based on how far up or down on the screen your finger lies.

At last you can scroll back 10 seconds on a 2hr podcast.

Not only that, but they have now added playback speed control for podcasts so you can listen to them at ½x 1x or 2x. Finally, they have added a "jump back 30 secs" button too - not sure if you can change the size of the jump, but 30secs seems like a good length for those horrendous moments when another human dares to speak to you whilst your ear-buds are in.