Sunday, November 12, 2006

Word Shoot

I'm not a fan of guns, and especially not guns for children. However, if it helps them learn to spell, then I think that is worth sacrificing the principle for, just this once.

Word Shoot: Spell fast or DIE

It's a fun little game that will expand the minds of you and your little ones.

If the enemy combatants don't get you, the RSI will.


At 29 Nov 2006, 00:27:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a half brain... I think you need to look again at what you are suggesting.

At 29 Aug 2007, 21:28:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Relying upon our thought series, it would not be at all impossible for us to explain even those extreme cases in which the dream as a continuer of the day work brings to a happy conclusion and unsolved problem possess an example, the analysis of which might reveal the infantile or repressed wish source furnishing such alliance and successful strengthening of the efforts of the foreconscious activity.. Good-mornin', good-mornin', said the elder, piling his bundles on the counter.. That's what I get for coming here with you, Ross Pryor! And tears of humiliation stood in his eyes.. If the lady is musical, here ask her to play or sing.. We can call those dreams properly made up which are the result of an elaboration in every way analogous to the psychical action of our waking life.. I think I have seen the same thing even in this city.. Watkinson, mentioning in her note the hour of nine, it is to be presumed she intends asking some other company.. Podington stumbled to the bow of the boat, his efforts greatly impeded by the big cork life-preserver tied under his arms, and the motion of the boat was so violent and erratic that he was obliged to hold on to the mast with one arm and to try to loosen the knot with the other; but there was a great strain on the rope, and he could do nothing with one hand.. But as we sit upon our high stools at the desk opposite each other, I leaning upon my elbows and looking at him; he, with sidelong face, glancing out of the window, as if it commanded a boundless landscape, instead of a dim, dingy office court, I cannot refrain from saying: Well! He turns slowly, and I go chatting on--a little too loquacious, perhaps, about those young girls.. Elder Brown leaned over the little pine picket which divided the bookkeepers' department of a Macon warehouse from the room in general, and surveyed the well-dressed back of a gentleman who was busily figuring at a desk within.. to deviate from these thoughts of transference.. He could appreciate that this was a characteristic woman trick, and wondered admiringly whether Evelyn or her mother had thought of it.. Shake him up, Christopher. The attack was, moreover, contained in Goethe's well-known essay on 'Nature.. For consciousness, which means to us a sensory organ for the reception of psychic qualities, may receive stimuli from two sources--first, from the periphery of the entire apparatus, viz.. No, my dear, no; can't allow it.. When we say that a foreconscious idea is repressed and subsequently taken up by the unconscious, we might be tempted by these figures, borrowed from the idea of a struggle over a territory, to assume that an arrangement is really broken up in one psychic locality and replaced by a new one in the other locality.. Thoroughly exhausted at last, he wearily straddled his saddle, and with his chin upon his breast resumed the early morning tenor of his way.. It came time for the annual county-meeting on this subject to be held at Naguadavick.. If, according to Scherner, the dream seems to play with a symboling representation of the body, we know that this is the work of certain unconscious phantasies which have probably given in to sexual emotions, and that these phantasies come to expression not only in dreams but also in hysterical phobias and in other symptoms...

At 27 Feb 2008, 13:01:00, Blogger Unknown said...

Half-brain is hyphenated. Half-brain.

At 7 Oct 2008, 19:03:00, Blogger stephend said...

"Half brain" is hyphenated. Moron.


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